Cloud Engineer

Logan Roth

Authentic. Curious. Driven.

Hello! My name is Logan. I'm a Cloud Engineer at Trek10 from the beautiful PNW. I’ve tinkered with computers since I was 5 but only recently entered the tech industry. I graduated with a Bachelors majoring in Entrepreneurial Studies from a college in the midwest. I started my career in small business startups before moving to banking. After living through what was unarguably the worst year for us all (2020), I made the decision to follow a long time dream of mine by changing industries to tech. I rock climb, hike, cook, play games (board and video) and live with my wife and a fluffy, sentient pillow (my cat named Nax).

Trek10's culture stood out to me immediately. I felt welcomed right away. I love waking up in the morning and finding something new to learn and Trek10 provides plenty of opportunities for that. I look forward to helping my team build creative solutions and to use my experiences to provide support for those who need it.