Sales Administrator

Ken Jensen

Empathy. Humor. Pure unadulterated high level athleticism.

Ken grew up in upstate New York and in his early twenties decided to moved to NYC to pursue acting. He studied acting and improv; doing improv shows weekly to sell out crowds (the venues usually sat about 20-30 people) He has always loved technology and besides being a movie nerd was a tech nerd as well building his own computers. Imagination and creativity are two important parts of his being. Competitive to a fault, he holds himself accountable and to a high standard and appreciates well-worded criticism. He also co-founded an esports analytics company.The opportunity to join Trek10 and continue learning and growing on what’s cutting edge was something he couldn’t pass up. The people here are some of the best and he finds working with them very rewarding. Always ready to tackle the next big adventure, he preps himself by staying in shape, not only in body, but in mind too. He is also rumored to be extremely humble.