Cloud Engineer

Gabriela von Uhlendorff

Curious. Determined. Athlete.

Gabi graduated from Notre Dame with a BBA in Finance and Neuroscience & Behavior and an MSc in Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship. While she envisioned herself working in investment banking, Gabi felt she wasn’t being challenged enough after getting some experience in the field. Having always been interested in programming, she decided to learn how to code. Her introduction to cloud computing came through Trek10’s internship, where she developed a serverless application in AWS and ultimately became fascinated with the vastness of services AWS provides. Captivated by the company’s culture and the learning opportunities she saw in the cloud, Gabi returned for a full-time position as a Cloud Engineer after getting her Solutions Architect Associate certification.

Whenever Gabi is not working, she likes to exercise, play board/card games, and read. She has competed in many sports modalities throughout her life and is always excited to learn something new, travel, or spend time outside with family and friends. She is also highly motivated to know how and why things work and finds nature fascinating!