Senior Cloud Architect

Drew Shepherd

Shake and bake. Persistent. Direct.

Drew is a Senior Cloud Architect, intent on bringing cloud-dreams to life. A former senior business leader, Drew is scratching the itch to make direct technical contributions. His experience allows him to traverse both business and technical domains.

Seasoned in CICD pipeline construction, Terraform, and select AWS services, Drew is always seeking more knowledge in areas such as serverless product design, IoT, containerization tools, and fun Linux tricks.

A typical evening includes bike riding with wife Danielle, son Hank in tow, Bluetooth speaker singing, and beer in hand.

While Danielle affectionately describes him as a nerd, Drew believes his hobbies – playing bridge, Ken Burns documentaries, disc sports, camping, fly fishing, investing in private mortgage notes – … nevermind, he sees her point.

His dream job is writing stage musicals or feature films. His favorite: Moulin Rouge.