Cloud Architect

Danny Reed

Solutionist. Tinkerer. Husband.

Danny enjoys problem solving of many kinds. In his role as a Cloud Architect at Trek10, he enjoys breaking down and solving problems for clients and building up-to-the-minute solutions for them.

Danny has experience designing, implementing, testing, and operating event-driven architectures, data ingestion and storage solutions, security and networking, and more. He enjoys musing and conversing on the philosophical side of cloud, serverless, and the way we build solutions with those tools. When Danny isn't working, he can be found working on projects around the house, fixing up his antique car, and helping out at church. He is married to Sarah, who sees that he has the best home-baked snack assortment known to remote workers.

Danny holds a B.S. in Information Technology from Bob Jones University. He's also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and AWS Certified Developer.

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