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Trek10’s security solutions and services will secure your AWS APIs and infrastructure. Schedule a meeting today to see if you qualify for a free security scan and report.

Security is job zero

The Shared Responsibility Model

Security and compliance of AWS accounts and infrastructure is a shared responsibility between AWS and the customer. While AWS provides “Security of the Cloud” -- the hardware, software, networking and data center facilities that run all AWS cloud services in your accounts -- you are critically responsible for “Security in the Cloud.” This is a complex undertaking that varies based on the AWS services in use in your account. Trek10’s certified security experts provide analysis and recommendations based on a combination of automated scans and human review to keep the bad guys out of your environment and your company’s name out of the news.

More Security Resources

IAM Escalation

Check out Trek10’s approach to securely accessing hundreds of AWS accounts

AWS IAM is the foundation of your infrastructure’s security. As organizations continue to move up the stack and take advantage of AWS’s abstracted platform services, your attack surface shifts from server operating systems and dependencies to AWS IAM. As a certified AWS MSP, Trek10 has designed and built a hardened approach to accessing hundreds of different client AWS accounts with IAM escalations (with human escalation approvals included). Check out our blog post for the full design and reach out for an assessment on implementing this approach to secure your multi-account environment.

Serverless Security

Why spend valuable time patching servers? STOP the undifferentiated heavy lifting today!

AWS Lambda and the serverless revolution help abstract away the undifferentiated heavy lifting that provides little business value to your organization. By building your applications with stateless serverless functions, you no longer need to patch your operating systems, and you can say goodbye to SSH keys! While serverless functions as a service drastically reduces your attack surface, it is by no means a silver bullet. Check out this 5 minute podcast (transcript included) to learn more about securing your serverless applications.

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