Build More Serverless

Call it what you want... Cloud Native, Serverless, Service-full, Event-Driven. The bottom line is that we’re the pros.

Train, Design, Build, & Support

World Class Serverless on AWS

Whether it’s a greenfield project or re-architecting legacy, Trek10 is your guide to adopting cloud native architectures. We’ll meet you where you are and provide enablement, design, full build support, team augmentation, and 24/7 managed services for your serverless app. We’ve been doing this since 2015-- we’re insanely deep and focused pros on serverless.


Trek 10 puts the 'professional' in professional services. Their expertise in serverless architecture has kept our costs exceptionally low, and they provide managed services that allow us to focus on growing our business.

We're Passionate about Serverless...

When Serverless Experts

Mix Their Interests Together

When your love of 80’s movies meets your love of Functions as a Service


We couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out. No matter what demand users place on the system, we’re incredibly confident it will scale. It’s time to retire our Oracle servers.

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