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Chuqlab Leverages AWS to Speed Criminal Investigations

Trek10 helped Chuqlab modernize their AWS environment by developing a landing zone—a well-architected, multi-account AWS environment.


Founded in 2019 by Cornelius George and Blaine Dirker, Chuqlab’s mission is to speed up criminal investigations across all levels of law enforcement. Their solution, CrimeMiner, enables the processing of thousands of hours of audio and video files relevant to criminal investigations in minutes so law enforcement professionals can solve past and current crimes, as well as prevent future ones. Investigators can leverage batch uploads of phone files, rapid transcription, and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven keyword search and analysis across all files.


A cloud-native organization from the beginning, Chuqlab built their Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture in-house from the ground up. Prior to the engagement with Trek10, Chuqlab had approximately 90% of their infrastructure defined manually and built out into one environment. They wanted to implement CI/CD and consolidated service desk (CSD) pipelines, but first Chuqlab needed to automate their architecture, defining their resources as code. This end goal of automating their pipelines would allow Chuqlab to focus more of their attention on mission-critical processes and innovation. Another benefit of this new partnership was to achieve a higher security posture that would help them service accounts with the most stringent security needs.


Trek10 helped Chuqlab modernize their AWS environment by developing a landing zone—a well-architected, multi-account AWS environment that was appropriately structured to follow AWS best practices and guidelines. The landing zone leveraged AWS IAM Identity Center to ensure that security measures were defined and implemented. Trek10 also upgraded Chuqlab’s architecture from a manually managed system to a scalable and secure architecture on AWS.

With additional time left in the SOW, after having completed their goals ahead of schedule, Trek10 began the process of defining some of Chuqlab’s resources as code using AWS CloudFormation. This allowed Trek10 to apply infrastructure as code (IaC) best practices in preparation for Chuqlab to deploy a consolidated service desk (CSD) solution. Trek10 also provided Chuqlab with a demonstration of the capabilities of Pipetrek, a customized CSD solution that could be leveraged in a future endeavor.


With AWS being a leader in shaping cloud security for government and public sector areas, Chuqlab knew they wanted to be a part of it. After setting their goals on implementing AWS into their company, Chuqlab onboarded Trek10 to help them build out a landing zone. They also wanted to ensure that security was at the forefront of their solution by using an AWS Public Sector partner who could validate Chuqlab’s technical foundation in the eyes of state, local, and federal government agencies around the United States.

Cornelius George, CEO of Chuqlab said, “Without our partnership with Trek10, we wouldn’t have been able to go after some of our larger accounts.”

Future of Chuqlab

As part of an evolving partnership, Chuqlab and Trek10 plan on continuing engagements as Chuqlab grows. Chuqlab and Trek10 are currently in talks about implementing Pipetrek, a custom CSD pipeline created by Trek10, and are discussing the prerequisite requirements to begin that project. Chuqlab plans to continually improve their AWS architecture so they can expand their services and capabilities to additional law enforcement companies.

Why Trek10?

After evaluating different consultants to help uplevel their AWS architecture, Chuqlab decided to partner with Trek10. The company felt like Trek10 was the best fit, providing the right combination of value and expertise. Trek10’s hassle-free service enabled Chuqlab to focus on business-critical development. The partnership with Trek10 has since then continued to grow, providing opportunities for future collaborations down the road.

Who is Trek10?

Founded in 2013, Trek10 focuses on helping organizations migrate to and maximize the benefits of AWS services. They put their effort into designing, building, and supporting AWS workloads with the right team of certified AWS experts—regardless of the customer’s situation. From thought-leading content to a deep collaboration with AWS to build and sustain modern cloud ecosystems, clients trust Trek10’s expertise, passion, and commitment to cloud modernization efforts.