Trek10 now AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Docker Authorized Consulting Partner

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Nick Caston | Oct 03 2015

Sat, 03 Oct 2015

Admission to the Advanced Tier of AWS Partners and a new Partnership with Docker highlight Trek10’s ascendance in the cloud.

October 2, 2015 - Trek10, a cloud enablement company that specializes in Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced today that it was named an Advanced Consulting Partner by the AWS Partner Network (APN). This designation recognizes the team’s expertise formalizes Trek10’s commitment to the AWS platform. Together, the companies are providing a complete cloud services and cloud management portfolio that will give enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud.

Also today, Trek10 announced a partnership with Docker, the company behind the Docker open source platform and chief sponsor of the Docker ecosystem. Trek10 becomes a Docker Authorized Consulting Partner with Docker Accredited Consultants completing Docker’s certification course on the “Docker Accelerator for CI Engagements.” Through this partnership, Trek10 will empower customers to realize a consistent and repeatable way to manage their application life-cycles. Trek10 has joined the elite ranks of the Docker Authorized Consulting Partners who are trained by Docker to be a trusted expert on Docker and to enable environments that take advantage of Docker’s Enterprise Subscription.

Docker is an open platform for helping developers and systems administrators build, ship and run distributed applications anywhere. Organizations using Docker are able to ship applications faster, and dynamically update and scale these applications while gaining seamless portability of applications across environments.

“This is a very exciting time for Trek10. Becoming an Advanced Consulting Partner further validates Trek10 as a leader in this space, and strengthens our relationship with AWS, which is great for all of our customers,” notes CEO Andy Warzon. “That honor, combined with our Docker Partnership, points to our expertise on the intersection of the biggest trends in IT, DevOps and Infrastructure as a Service.”

About Trek10
Trek10 was founded in 2013 after it became clear just how many businesses could greatly benefit from the power of Amazon Web Services, through increased efficiency, greater flexibility, and significantly reduced cost.

Born in the cloud and 100% AWS focused, Trek10 supports mid-market and enterprise customers from early adoption/POC stages through to transforming IT efficiency in the cloud with its fast growing DevOps practice. In addition to custom designing infrastructures that leverages the full suite of AWS services, Trek10 provides managed services and support for its clients’ deployments via its 24/7 Cloud NOC and technical response team that is trained in AWS.

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Nick Caston