AWS Cost Optimization Guide

Get the most from your cloud spend

Everyone's consumption of the cloud is different; this is a reference tool for cloud usage based on Trek10's field experience.

We recommend reviewing a couple of questions (and sharing their answers with your team) to help you make the most of your time.

  1. Why are you performing this review
  2. How much savings per hour to justify continued research, what is the goal savings dollar figure?
  3. Review your billing reports
    1. Identify problem areas where spend is painful
    2. Identify areas where the spend is minimal/trivial
  4. Determine scope
    1. Capitalized vs. Expense
    2. Activities related to legal activity
    3. Activities related to external requirements (contractual, regulatory, etc.)
    4. R&D, Sandboxes, Greenfield
    5. Specific services
    6. Licensing
    7. A specific workload
  5. Decide who should be involved and how
  6. Is this review part of a regularly scheduled activity or does some event trigger it

Generally, we see others going through this exercise about every 6 months or as the result of an event (M&A, new product, market shift, pandemic). The output is used in road mapping and prioritization for future work, in evaluating behavior and practices, and generally whenever you want additional data points for business decisions.

Whatever the reason, once you undertake the review, there is a lot of surface area to cover. We've split this into 2 primary categories as each category is where we often see different stakeholders involved.

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