New AWS service for container-based web app deployment

AWS App Runner

We’re excited to have AWS App Runner as a new tool in our toolbox for cloud native architecture design. To learn more read the blog post by Andy Warzon

Intro to AWS App Runner

We’re excited to add AWS App Runner as a new tool in the Trek10 toolbox for cloud-native architecture design. For common web application use cases, both migrating existing apps and greenfield apps, App Runner has the potential to greatly simplify the infrastructure and DevOps implementation while reducing your management overhead by shifting operational burden to AWS.

How exactly does AWS App Runner benefit you?

  • It is easy to learn which allows you to quickly get started.
  • App Runner uses familiar container constructs so you can either bring your own container or have App Runner manage the container build.
  • You get highly available, auto-scaling, and secure infrastructure by default, no extra configuration required.

As a DevOps Competency Partner, we greatly appreciate the DevOps-first mindset in the App Runner service, which doesn’t require you to build out an additional alphabet soup of AWS services for CI/CD - you get GitOps-style automated build & deploy out of the box.

How to increase business value with Trek10

With as much as AWS App Runner benefits you, you’re probably wondering how Trek10 helps you best utilize it. Trek10 can …

  • Work with your team to identify where App Runner fits into your enterprise adoption journey.
  • Design an AWS architecture and DevOps strategy that leverages App Runner and other AWS services where appropriate
  • Implement a proof of concept of App Runner migration of an existing app or greenfield for your next new app
  • Train and guide your team on App Runner adoption
  • Support your App Runner deployments with 24/7 CloudOps managed services, built from the ground up with a focus on cloud-native AWS.

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Get started with App Runner

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