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Trek10, an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, is the developers' DevOps partner. We provide the tools and services to make your apps more scalable and reliable, and your developers more productive.

Trek10 builds, optimizes, and manages high-value AWS solutions with the absolute best DevOps tools and cloud services available today. We specialize in working with our clients' operations and developer teams to introduce tools, processes, and systems that make the development process more efficient and improve the quality of the software they deploy.

Code-Defined Infrastructure

The next great leap in infrastructure management. Trek10 can help you transform how you think about IT. Everything changes when infrastructure is checked in to source control.

Continuous Integration & Automated Deployment

We can help your software and developer teams adopt best practices.

Elastic Dev/Test

Don't pay for giant dev/test environments that are unused. We'll show you how to leverage elastic infrastructure to reduce your dev/test costs AND improve your efficiency.

Docker-Based Development & Deployment

Dramatically improve the reliability of your deployments and simplify configuration management with Docker.

AWS Tools

CloudFormation, EC2 Container Service, Opsworks, Elastic Beanstalk - we can help you sort through the pros and cons of the various tools and implement the solution that is right for you.

“As more companies are adopting cloud computing, they are also establishing DevOps practices within their organizations as a way to provide stable, secure, and predictable IT environments and increase IT efficiency.” Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at Seattle-based AWS, wrote in the company’s blog.

Trek10 - AWS Partner