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Streamline Your Development and Deployment Processes

One of the most strategic advantages of AWS is more streamlined, lower-cost application development. Seamlessly integrated dev, test and production environments reduce the amount of code needed for new applications while dramatically shortening time to market. Further, usage-based pricing and flexibility enables control over the right amount of resources. With an experienced AWS focused DevOps team and targeted methodologies and tools, we migrate, implement and manage application environments - helping companies become agile and regain control of their businesses.

Review Current Deployment Processes
Does your current deployment process set you up for success? Does it do everything it can to protect you from introducing breaking changes into production? Does it help you release new features rapidly?
Continuous Integration
When working with teams and rapidly iterating, continuous integration is the key to keeping everyone in sync and making sure everything is up to par. Trek10 can build pipelines that are custom fit to your processes and needs - everything from docker builds to automated QA environment deployments.
Docker for Deployment
Docker is a relatively new technology that is gaining a lot of popularity. With recent innovations such as the AWS EC2 Container Service, Trek10 has implemented solutions for companies
Easily Reproducible Environments
Do you use the same stack of technologies to build multiple applications? Do you use a microservices architecture? Trek10 creates templates that define and setup your entire infrastructures in code. Starting new QA and staging environments, setting up a new client in a single-tenant SaSS offering, or adding a new microservice can be as simple as filling in a few text boxes and clicking launch.
Docker for Development
When developers are working on their local machine, they are working in their own unique development environment. This can lead to the "but it works on my machine!" variety of bugs, but you can eliminate that. One of the powerful features of Docker is that your developers can develop in an almost perfect replica of your staging and production environments. Trek10 has implemented this solution for clients, and we would be happy to help you adopt the new technology into your daily processes.