SaaS on AWS

Serverless SaaS

As a relatively new industry most SaaS companies appreciate the value of the cloud and are embracing a DevOps mindset. Serverless is a perfect fit with SaaS due to the tremendous scalability and minimal operational burden that comes with AWS managed services.

Trek10 has helped over a dozen companies move their SaaS offering to AWS and build it in a serverless way.

Why is AWS the destination of choice for SaaS?

AWS has multiple unique services that are geared toward SaaS companies. One of our favorites is EventBridge, which is effectively the evolution of webhooks in a manner that is:

  • More stable (forces adoption of a standardized communication protocol)
  • More robust (decomposes the messages from the endpoints)
  • More secure (no need for IAMs and no complicated setups)

Learn why Trek10 believes EventBridge is the biggest thing since Lambda itself!

Companies working with Trek10 will get the following:

  1. Set up Event Bridge in your internal account. If you already use webhooks and run on AWS this step can happen quickly.
  2. Understand and implement “high quality” events. Moving to an Event-Driven architecture from a Command-Driven architecture requires thoughtful examination on systems design and selection of the right events. Trek10 has been building Event-Driven architectures for many years and can provide a lot of value in this area.
  3. Production of a custom quickstart to share with your customers so they can most effectively integrate with your SaaS offering to get the maximum benefits of EventBridge.

SaaS lifecycle journey

Developer Acceleration (DA)

We provide an expert-led guidance and enablement program designed to quickly level up your development team for success in a serverless world.

DevOps, (serverless CI/CD)

We provide the expertise and DevOps methodologies that make our clients' applications more scalable and more reliable, and make the development process more efficient.

Management and Monitoring

We wrap together the tools specifically designed for AWS deployments with a 24/7 technical response team that is trained in AWS.

Ongoing Support

Team Support acts as an extension of your team, available to provide ad-hoc support or expert guidance, get hands-on collaborating on new projects, or to outsource complete chunks of functionality.