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Point of Purchase Device Management

About RedPost

RedPost helps retailers, publishers, and brands maximize sales with connected digital screens at the point of purchase that track transactions, impressions, and foot traffic, all measured and updated in real time. Enabling relevant micro-proximity media on mobile devices and at the point of purchase, RedPost bridges the gap between tangible and digital, helping its customers not just survive in a digital world, but thrive with 10-25% increased sales and engagement. Learn more about RedPost at

The Challenge

Redpost was rolling out a new near-real-time data feature that would push large amounts of data from each device in the field. Redpost needed a system to efficiently ingest this data from devices, perform aggregation and statistical analysis, and send it to a data warehouse in order to give RedPost and their clients actionable insight into display activities. As a fast-growing but still small company, it was imperative that Redpost did this in a low cost but highly scalable manner.

The Solution

Trek10 built a serverless IoT data ingestion pipeline that minimizes costs and complexity while retaining maximum scalability. Data is batched by devices in the field, pushes it into S3, and S3 invokes Lambda functions to process the data and import it into Redshift, where final transformations and summaries happen before reporting.

Software development was orchestrated with the Serverless framework which allowed for quick scaffolding of the initial project and simple deployment during the development process.

"A black box service is nice, until you have a problem and can't troubleshoot because there's no way to know which dependencies are causing the problem. This is the kind of unknown problem that keeps me up at night. With Trek10, we're now scaling intelligently and I when something breaks, we know why." said Eric Kanagy, CEO of RedPost.

The Results

Redpost now has a data pipeline that entails essentially zero maintenance and scales linearly as their business grows. By leveraging pay-per-use platform services, Trek10 delivered a low-maintenance environment that seamlessly grows as RedPost adds new customers. RedPost can focus on growing their business without being concerned about platform performance or spending unnecessary time managing their infrastructure.

Tools & Services Used

AWS Lambda
Amazon Redshift
Docker Containers on AWS
Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)
Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR)
Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)
AWS CloudFormation
The Serverless Framework