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Trek10's stand-alone, well-defined, and cohesive security offering.

The tools of the experts

Handcrafted for Security

Everyone who moves to AWS wants to secure their environment, but knowing where to start is hard. That is where Trek10 can help. We have selected the best security tools, built our own tools when we couldn't find ones that lived to our standards, and wrapped these tools with our AWS expertise to help secure our clients' environments.

Security has always been in Trek10's bones since we were founded. For the better part of the last five years, Trek10 has been designing, building, and supporting secure cloud-native AWS infrastructure. While doing this, we have also been certified by AWS to evaluate environments against the Well Architected Framework, became a credited AWS Managed Service Provider Partner and had numerous engineers pick up the AWS Security Certification.

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Built For You Tools

Security Max was conceived after our CloudOps clients' feedback that they wanted a stand alone security offering. Security Max is our delivery on this ask.

Using Trek10's Security Max offering, your team will get alerts from the best tools across the ecosystem tied into one ticketing platform. From there, we can pair you with our Team Support experts to help you move from an easy to digest security alert to a plan for quick and effective remediation of the vulnerability. These fixes can vary in complexity from fixing a misconfigured security group that was granting public ssh, to creating a custom Web Application Firewall that is tailored for your application. Succinctly, Security Max helps your team stay out of the news for security breaches while letting your team stay in the news for what you do best.

Security Services Security Max Covers

  • AWS System Level Configuration Checks
  • Machine Learning alerts on Data Exfiltration
  • Implementation & Support for Custom WAF Solutions
  • Code Reviews
  • External Vulnerability Scans
  • S3 and IAM audits
  • Logging (paired with real time Alerts!)
  • Patching
  • CloudTrail Validation Checks
  • Security Design & Incident Response Planning
  • Well-Architected Reviews
  • And Much More!

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