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Get Serverless Right the First Time

Trek10 now provides an expert-led guidance and enablement program designed to quickly level up your development team for success in a serverless world.

Serverless computing can seriously reduce TCO and time to market. But serverless is a new discipline. The best practices are emerging, and even large enterprises often struggle with some challenges.

  • Laying foundations for serverless on AWS
  • Migrating a legacy solution to Serverless
  • Winning over serverless skeptics
  • Shortnening development cycles
  • Identifying and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Enabling teams for success

With numerous production serverless deployments under their belts, Trek10’s experts know how to deliver solutions that take full advantage of the AWS cloud: cost-effective, extensible, and low-maintenance serverless applications.

Now, we’re bringing that expertise to you in the form of our Developer Acceleration solution. We’ll challenge your development team to re-examine their assumptions, empower them to take on new challenges, and level up your organization for sustained serverless success.

What Attendees Have Said

The technical expertise and communication capability of Trek10 is awesome. Well done explaining and digging into the specifics of our environment.

We came away with several actionable items for both devs / cloud engineers to enable us to perform tasks more efficiently and create a better dev env for us right now and also for new associates to get up to speed faster.

Meet Our Experts

Alex DeBrie

Alex is a self-employed AWS consultant and trainer focused on DynamoDB, Lambda, and other cloud-native technologies. He has been building serverless applications and growing the serverless community since 2017. Prior to working with Trek10, he was an early employee at Serverless, Inc., the creators of the Serverless Framework. As a self-taught developer, Alex loves the way that serverless, cloud-native technologies democratize technology and make it easier to build high-scale applications with small teams.

Jared Short

Jared is an accomplished software developer across multiple platforms, with over a decade of experience working with startups to fortune 100 companies. As an early contributor to the Serverless Framework, and one of the first people to build and deploy serverless technologies in production at scale, he believes that the paradigm brings a new power to even the smallest of teams focus on delivering business value and innovation at remarkable pace. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of technologies and services and learn the hard lessons so he can help the others after him.

Our expert Jared teamed up with Trek10 Alumni Forrest Brazeal to give a talk on "How to Win Coworkers and Influence Organization for Serverless". Why is there a huge rubber duck? Give the video a watch!

We regularly chat about topics in the serverless world in short, impactful podcasts. If podcasts are your thing, you'll love these.

What to Expect

Trek10 places our world-class AWS and serverless experts alongside your team for 1 to 3 days of concentrated learning, whiteboarding, and hands-on building. You can choose from among more than a dozen hands-on Acceleration Modules to craft a cloud enablement experience focused on your team’s unique challenges. For each module, we’ll spend time applying best practices to your unique architectural and organizational needs.


Trek10’s world-class experts cut through the serverless hype and information overload to communicate best practices that really work, on topics that are really important: security, project layout, release engineering, observability, and more.


Trek10 learned serverless by building on it. With hands-on exercises, code templates, and pair programming, we’ll help your team do the same. The serverless scaffolding we create together will support long-term success in the cloud.


At Trek10, we migrate serverless applications to the cloud for our clients on a daily basis. We’ll apply that expertise as we work through solutions to your use case, recognizing that every organization’s architecture requires unique insight.

More Stuff Folks Have Said

Liked the collaborative working session! Great focus and drive to get things accomplished, very knowledgable resources.

I couldn't have asked for better industry overview and best practices. The workshops and going through AWS documentation was a good strategy for facilitating discussion.

Developer Accelerator Modules

Developer Acceleration

Serverless project layout

Serverless Framework or AWS SAM? Monorepo or multirepo? We’ll walk you through the tradeoffs and help you structure a project layout that meets your needs.

Serverless API Design

REST or GraphQL? API Gateway or AppSync? How many routes to a Lambda function? We’ll work through the best practices and provide recommendations for your use case.

Architecting secure serverless apps

We’ll help you with secure design principles on AWS, and introduce additional tools that can take your security posture to the next level.

Choosing a serverless datastore

DynamoDB, Aurora, and S3 will get a workout as we demonstrate the principles that underlie serverless database choices, as well as migration strategies from legacy systems.

Serverless CI/CD that delivers

Build out dynamic feature branch pipelines, enable cloud collaboration across teams, and automate multi-account releases in AWS.

Serverless architecture patterns

In this advanced session, we’ll dive deep on event sourcing, workflow patterns, service discovery, and more ways to build truly cloud-native apps.

Speedy serverless development cycles

How do you test and debug a bunch of Lambda functions? Learn how (and when) to work with serverless offline, and how to shorten the feedback loop between coder and cloud.

Serverless gotchas and pain points

We keep it real: serverless is no panacea. We’ll address cold starts and other common serverless woes, and empower you to mitigate them.

Architecture Guidance

Migrating legacy architectures to serverless

How do you turn your monolithic, on-premise application into a flexible architecture that takes full advantage of the cloud? We’ll work through it together – bring a whiteboard.

Green-field serverless projects

So many AWS services, so little time. We’ll help you lay out an architecture for your new project that’s cost-efficient and future-conscious.

Hands-On Building

CI/CD pipeline

We’ll work with you to deploy a sample serverless app across multiple AWS accounts using AWS services like CodePipeline and CodeBuild. Lots of CloudFormation included!

Efficient DynamoDB design

Model a relational database with us in a single DynamoDB table, and learn how to query it efficiently.

Sample AWS SAM or Serverless Framework app

We’ll help you lay out an example API and deploy it to AWS.

Real-time subscriptions with AWS AppSync

Build out a GraphQL backend and subscribe a front-end client using AWS Amplify to receive real-time updates.

Adding Business Value with Trek10

At the end of the engagement, we’ll provide a custom roadmap and recommendations to make sure you are empowered to get serverless right the first time. We’ll synthesize our whiteboard discussions into an actionable game plan for migrating your apps to serverless and enabling serverless adoption on your team. And of course, you’ll walk away with code templates and guidelines to keep you on the right track.

Should you want to continue the engagement, Trek10 can build out a serverless project for you, embed a dedicated expert on your team, or augment your team with ongoing expertise and access to our engineers with Team Support. We'll help you figure out the best path forward after Developer Acceleration.

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