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Cloud Engineer - IoT Focus (Remote)

Cloud Engineer with IoT Focus (Remote) - Position Description

Trek10 is looking for a cloud engineer with a focus on Internet of Things ecosystems to design and build massively scalable systems with remarkably high reliability and low cost on AWS for our clients. Our Cloud Engineers are the expert implementers in our organization, building the platforms and systems that are relied upon by our clients and Trek10 itself. This is a complex role that will enable as well as challenge you to grow your skills technical and non-technical. Joining in this role provides you the opportunity to work with a diverse team of Trek10 architects and engineers that are building the future. This role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Own implementation of defined stories and other work items for some of the most technically advanced brands on the planet
  • Increasing opportunities to assist with designing, estimating, and planning efforts
  • Focus on AWS IOT back-ends, Serverless architectures, and highly automated implementation and optimization
  • Integrate IoT devices with AWS through protocols like MQTT and services such as AWS IoT
  • Participate in customer-facing conversations presenting or debating technical decisions and educating our customers both on cloud development and firmware design decisions
  • Participate in cross-functional implementation teams to deliver world-class solutions to clients
  • Participate in delivery efforts using Agile or other work methodologies
  • Learn, coach, and share knowledge and skills with other Trek10 team members
  • Augment and design support systems and response procedures and coordinate hand-off to CloudOps Support Engineers
  • Identify and take lead on opportunities to improve individually and at the organizational level
  • Contribute to internal IP and open source development
  • Everything else: Write cool blog posts, do talks at community events, help us achieve additional certifications in the AWS Partner Community, help our clients solve all sorts of problems


The ideal candidate will have:

  • 4+ years experience in IT
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience building scalable, automated infrastructure
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services, code-defined infrastructure, configuration management tools, and CI/CD
  • Significant programming experience, our languages of choice are Python and Node.js
    • C/C++ a plus
  • Experience with the AWS IoT Suite of services: AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT SiteWise, etc.
  • Experience with M2M protocols such as MQTT, TLS, HTTP, etc.
  • Strongly preferred
    • Experience with AWS Lambda and “Serverless” systems
    • Experience in large-scale enterprise IT environments
    • Experience in a consultative, client-facing consulting role
    • Experience with Edge Device development
    • Some experience with embedded system software design


  • Be challenged. Work with a team of super bright individuals. Work in an rapidly evolving industry that is growing at blazing speed.
  • Have fun—Trek10 is home to great nerds.
  • Get paid. Of course. We have competitive salaries, stock options, medical insurance, and other benefits available.
  • Robust training and continuous learning environment and support.
  • Develop a skill set that will set you up for long term professional growth and development.