Our Experience at the AWS Annual Sales Kickoff

Fri, 13 Feb 2015

This week, Trek10 was selected from over 2,000 global partners to present on the emergence of SMBs and Mid-Market Enterprises as major adopters of cloud computing services.

Honored and excited to present at a conference with over 2000 key AWS employees, we made the 2,136 mile journey to the epicenter of what is proving to be one of the largest technological shifts of our lifetime.

Some of the takeaways from our experience include:

  • 24/7 monitoring & support with a 15 minute SLA on severity 1 issues
  • ITIL Processes
  • Deep monitoring of infrastructure and application services
  • Customized routing & reaction procedures
  • Help Desk & Knowledge Base Portal
  • Billing management & cost auditing
  • Simplified self-service access to your infrastructure
  • Adoption of public clouds by enterprises will cross over the 86% mark this year.
  • 94% of mid-market organizations are running cloud-based applications or experimenting with IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-s ervice).
  • Partners make it easy to adopt cloud services. Amazon leads the cloud computing movement for many reasons, one of them b eing its extensive Partner Network that bridges the gap between constantly evolving products and the need profile of SMBs.
  • SMBs primary foci when selecting a cloud vendor includes security, transparency, professional services, workflow a utomation, and the creation of innovation born-on-the-cloud services.
  • AWS continues to lead in public cloud adoption, with 54% of them market. This is more then 4x that of the second most used c loud, Rackspace.
  • Among “cloud beginners,” security is ranked as the number one challenge with cloud computing. Among “cloud mature” users, s ecurity is ranked as the fifth greatest challenge.
  • Cloud benefits continue to grow as cloud maturity grows. As cloud is adopted more broadly, organizations realize more value and challenges decline. Top benefits include greater scalability, higher availability, faster access to infrastructure, and faster time to market for applications.
Andy Warzon

Andy Warzon

Founder & CTO

Trek10 Founder & CTO, an engineering graduate with honors of the University of Notre Dame, Andy founded the technology team of Better World Books, a groundbreaking social enterprise and one of the largest used booksellers in the world.More Posts by Andy