Jared Short

Director of Innovation & Awesomeness

Jared Short is an accomplished software developer across multiple platforms, with over a decade of experience working with startups to fortune 100 companies. Recently his focus has been on building and integrating AWS tools and technologies to increase teams’ productivity and improve the development and deployment practices to reduce risk and increase velocity. Jared is an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.

Jared is part of the Trek10 team leading the charge into the serverless world and event driven applications. He works with the technology on a daily basis, and believes that the paradigm will drive a new age of computing with faster, more cost effective, and easier to manage infrastructure.

Most recommended posts

Static Website for a Better Tomorrow

The bytes that make up the page you are reading right now were delivered by a set of servers close to you. They were not generated by a server running WordPress or Joomla. In fact, the entire Trek10 website has no traditional server backend at all.

Serverless Secrets

The Serverless Framework is fantastic at managing AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and helping wire up all the events and streams. It makes creating and managing complex infrastructures less painful and more straightforward. At Trek10, we have seen the Serverless paradigm driving an unprecedented amount of interest and traffic.